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If you use multiple Stripe accounts (or even wish to view both LIVE and TEST accounts in the same view), you'll be happy to try CashNotify v2.

It's the same old CashNotify, giving you Stripe notifications on your Mac, now with a lot more power!

Try it now

For now this is a Beta, meaning that you have to opt-in to use it. And to do so, you just have to download the v2 beta, and install it over your current CashNotify app (sorry, the Beta option in v1 will not work).

The next v2 Beta updates will be downloaded automatically after that.

For people not willing to test the v2 Beta, don't worry: as soon as we confirm it is stable, the v1 will auto-update to v2, for free.


Full changelog is too long ¯\(ツ)

However, the most noticeable things are:

  • same UI, a touch more modern.
  • new prefs screen, because we need more space for...
  • ... the multiple Stripe accounts support!
  • a lot of under the hoods improvements. Without giving too much details, we rewrote most of the code using modern techs (React/Redux), which makes it a lot snappier for you, and far easier to evolve and maintain for us. 😀 🤝

➡️ Download v2 Beta